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Greetings friends. In reviewing my recently published articles I thought it best to consolidate them with my older blog posts which date back to 2013. This site (TDJ Technology is now the primary landing page for my semiconductor industry and technology blog articles. Clicking on the links below will take you directly to my original articles. Here you can my find my previous blog articles listed chronologically without having to search through nested year and month menus for earlier publications. It's also easier for me to manage my publication catalog. I've also updated the URLs such that is now

My blog publications date from 2013 through 2020. Most of my articles speak to the semiconductor equipment industry but I occasionally discuss economics and our business climate. More recently I've addressed industry and business issues as effected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Semiconductor Industry Consultant
April 5, 2020
Social Isolation at the Speed of Light - Ham Radio Operators Undeterred During Spring Contests
Hams spring contest participants remain active during self isolation.  New SDR display technology enabled by FPGA ASICs.

March 27, 2020
A Work at Home Update
In Covid-19 isolation, I comment on activities in my community and working at home alone. I also produced a short YouTube video greeting for friends and colleagues similarly working at home.

March 26, 2020
Using Semiconductor Manufacturing Technique to Combat Covid-19
A discussion of semiconductor industry contamination and packaging methodology that might be adopted for the medical and food service industries.

March 23, 2020
During the 1990 Persian Gulf War Kuwait Existed on the Web - We Can Work at Home
Recounting the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 as the Kingdom's population evacuated to Europe, their government continued to support it's citizens on the web. We should be able to work and survive at home.

March 20, 2020
A Covid-19 Advisory and a Message to Students
Many students are ignoring the Covid-19 quarantine. A call for safety.

March 19, 2020
In Time of Uncertainty Keep a Positive Attitude
Maintenance of motivation given the Covid-19 epidemic, stock market decline and non-stop bad news cycles.

March 18, 2020
The Corona Virus and the Work at Home Environment
Advice from a former road warrior manager (me) on how to effectively work from home.

March 17, 2020
Will Moore's Law Accelerate a Cure for the Corona Virus?
A discussion of super-computing/artificial intelligence and it's potential impact on current and future epidemics/medicine.

September 5, 2019
The Federal Reserve, Interest Rates and Trade War - What's the Best Response?
My opinion/observations on expanding the Federal Reserve's Keynesian economic tool kit.

April 2, 2019
2020 Approaches - Augmented Unreality and Entertainment
Examples of new technologies augmenting entertainment and unreality. What does the future hold? The entertainment industry has only begun.

July 29, 2018
New 4.1% GDP Growth Proves Trump's Success, Obama's Failures
A discussion of July 27, 2018 economic data and President Trump's achievement of 4.1% GDP growth. Contributing discussion of FRED data (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis) M1, M2 money supply velocity and its indicator of Trump's success and Barack Obama's economic failure.

May 21, 2018
Fair Trade - The Good War That Wasn't 
I discuss the current trade negotiations with China and its inherent complications for the technology sector of our economy. Predicted as a trade war, the Chinese are negotiating responsibly. It appears the trade war was canceled due to lack of interest in favor of mutual interest and cooperation.

May 15, 2018 
What's Happening With The US Economy an Update
A follow up to my blog article of November 6, 2016. An economic discussion of the US M2 Money Supply and Velocity. I discuss the Federal Reserve's historic efforts to bolster the 2016 economy with the M2 money supply while discussing a recent economic inflection point citing three consecutive quarterly increases in M2 Velocity.

March 24, 2018
Quantum Assisted Metrology for Semiconductor Lithography
A discussion of the complexities/challenges managing metrology and statistical process control data for Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) semiconductor photolithography. I propose that quantum computing be incorporated to speed data collection and analysis in computational lithography applications for EUV.

January 12, 2018
Net Neutrality and Cable Broadcasting in the Public Interest
A discussion of a recent FCC decision to rescind net neutrality rules for the Internet. Broadcast television programming is required to conform to public interest rules determined by the FCC. Cable television is not regulated by public interest requirements. How might we address net neutrality concerns and public interest programming on the Internet?

March 28, 2017
New Trends in The Field Programmable Gate Array Market - Software Defined Radio
A discussion of Software Defined Radio (SDR) as implemented on a stand alone radio tranceiver enabled by an Altera FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array. Discussion of the estimated FPGA/SDR market size and growth projections.

November 6, 2016
Pre Election Special - What's Really Happening With the US Economy
As the 2016 election approaches the economy is a critical issue for the nation. I discuss the Federal Reserve's efforts to bolster the economy with the M2 money supply while discussing the simultaneous decline in the M2 Velocity, a sign the economy is sputtering. Our unemployment problem must be resolved to revive the economy as confirmed by Janet Yellen.

June 21, 2016
Future EUV/FEL Strategy - The Beam Line Approaches
A review of recent progress on Free Electron Laser technology and its use as an EUV light source for nanometer scale semiconductor photolithography. Discussion of power limitations exhibited by current LPP (Laser Produced Plasma) source designs and the higher power alternatives provided by FEL (Free Electron Laser) beam lines.

December 18, 2015
A Photonic Finish to the International Year of Light 2015
A review of photonic progress in 2015 and UNESCO's International Year of Light. In addition to the scientific contributions light has made to science and industry, lets pause a moment and celebrate the incoming new year 2016.

May 28, 2015
Silicon Photonics in the Year of Light
A discussion of silicon photonics technologies developed by IBM, Intel, IMEC and international consortiums inclusive of PETRA. Silicon photonics replaces on-chip electrical signals and copper conductors with laser light and wave guides to enhance network and chip to chip communications. This technology is a probable precursor to light based microprocessor and memory devices.

April 23, 2015
A Defining Inflection in the EUV Continuum
Article discussing an April 22, 2015 ASML press release announced an agreement with one of its major US customers (believed to be Intel) to purchase a minimum quantity of fifteen of its NXE:3350B EUV lithography systems with two of the units slated for delivery year end 2015. Intel has previously invested over $4 Billion in ASML. Given the size of the order, it would appear that Intel will proceed with a large scale strategic commitment to EUV lithography for future production process nodes =<10nm, with a path to 7nm and smaller CDs.

April 3, 2015
Perspective on SPIE Advanced Lithography 2015 - San Jose, CA
The SPIE Advanced Lithography conference is an annual gathering of semiconductor lithography experts who present current and future technologies used to manufacture today's smart electronic products. In my article I discuss current and future industry strategies which will impact semiconductor lithography, wafer fabs and the market place. My article also features reference links and accompanying video content which help explain the many advanced technologies utilized in the manufacture of computer chips and devices.

October 2, 2014
The Santa Clara Vanguard - An Inspiration for Silicon Valley
A departure from the discussion of high technology, this is an inspirational story featuring the Santa Clara Vanguard drum and bugle corps, and the competitive DCI (Drum Corps International) corps. The "Vanguard" are among the "rock stars" of the marching corps. Their precision performance and excellence are an inspiration to the human spirit in an increasingly competitive world.

September 20, 2014
Future FEL/EUV Strategy - The Light at the End of the Beamline
Article discussing Free Electron Lasers (FEL) as next generation EUV light source technology. Currently utilized Laser Produced Plasma EUV sources provide only 40-50 watts of power output due to the limitations of conventional physics. Recent semiconductor industry discussions suggest FEL technology may be a solution to providing required source power output levels for semiconductor EUV lithography.

August 19, 2014
The EUV Continuum - Have You Seen the Light?
Article discussion of current developments in EUV technology. Review of the latest IBM/ASML NXE:3300B performance upgrades. Discussion of competitive technologies and future challenges for the semiconductor industry.

June 5, 2014
Semiconductor Industry Markets in the Economic Hay Stack
On June 5, 2014 the New York Times published an article by Jeremy Ashkenas and Alicia Parlapiano titled, “How the Recession Reshaped the Economy, in 255 Charts”, which provides an extraordinary window on our nation's economy. The New York Times article features an interactive graph which plots trends over 255 segments of the US economy. From a semiconductor industry perspective, it is necessary to study the trend lines specific to end user markets of interest as our complex economy consumes/reflects the many specialized industries and broader consumer markets comprising our econosphere. Whether you're preparing a safe harbor statement for your quarterly/annual financial review, or an unemployed student of the economy, I think you'll find great interest in this report.

March 11, 2014
A Perspective on EUV Lithography Feb. 2014, The NIF Shot Heard Around the World
Article on the history of the National Ignition Facility's Fusion Energy Project at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and its subsequent technology spin off (enabling Laser Produced Plasma source generation of Extreme Ultra Violet light) to the semiconductor equipment industry. Priced at $120 Million each, has the cost for 25 EUV front end steppers really matched the $3.5 Billion construction cost of the 500 Terawatt (500 Trillion watts) National Ignition Facility? Discussion of the anticipated limits to Moore's Law and the challenging multi-billion dollar EUV program.

February 19, 2014
Thomas D. Jay Joins Guidepoint Global
Article/press release announcing my consulting affiliation with Guidepoint Global (now known as Guidepoint).

November 28, 2013
The Cloud of Nations
My article on recent Washington, DC strategy pursued by the National Photonics Initiative. Discussion of policy, technology and social-political ramifications. The NPI is comprised of SPIE, OSA, LIA, IEEE Photonics Society and the American Physical Society. Our world has been transformed by photonics. NPI seeks to engage government, funding agencies and industry partners to assist in the development of advanced photonics critical to our national interest.

November 7, 2013
Florida's Governor Rick Scott and Brevard County's Economic Development Commission Celebrate Expansion of Embraer S.A.'s Business Jet Manufacturing in Melbourne
Blog Publication and YouTube Video publication description Thomas D. Jay, TDJ Technology Group, Special Report on the October 29, 2013 Space Coast Economic Development Commission's (Brevard County Florida) announcement at Melbourne International Airport. Governor Rick Scott, Space Coast EDC and elected officials thank Frederico Curado, President and CEO of aircraft manufacturer Embraer S.A. for the expansion of local manufacturing and the creation of new jobs in Brevard County. Run time 14:49 minutes, edited.

August 7, 2013
The Continuing Evolution of Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography
Review of the current status of EUV lithography (as of 8/7/2013) and methodologies which might enhance EUV source efficiency. Additional discussion of possible hybrid source configurations which might yield higher power output. A follow on discussion of the National Photonics Initiative and recent NIST funding opportunities. Positioning EUV as a strategic asset for advanced manufacturing.

May 15, 2013
The Strategic Positioning of Electron Beam Lithography - The Pellicle Brief
An update on current electron beam lithography technology inclusive of an interview with David K. Lam Ph.D., Founder of Lam Research and Chairman, CEO of Multibeam Corporation, Chairman, The David Lam Group.

April 16, 2013
A New Volunteer at University of Central Florida's Mentor Network for Entrepreneurs
Announcement of my participation in the University of Central Florida's Mentor Network program.

April 10, 2013
Direct Write E-Beam Lithography; Complementary Technology in the Fab
Article on the historic use of electron beam lithography for the complementary support of optical lithography production lines.

March 20, 2013
Report on Recent SPIE Activities - Spring 2013
A report on the SPIE Advanced Lithography IV 2013 Conference with emphasis on EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography) development. Additional reporting on SPIE organizational activities in the eastern region of the US.

February 18, 2013
Zplasma to Attend SPIE Advanced Lithography 2013 Seeking Xenon Z-pinch EUV Source Funding
Blog article featuring a preview discussion of SPIE Advanced Lithography IV 2013, featuring an interview with Henry Berg, CEO Zplasma, Inc. seeking funding for EUV source development.

February 1, 2013
The 13.5 Nanometer Physical Cliff
Article discussing the engineering challenges confronting the current development of EUV lithography and the investments made by major semiconductor industry participants.

January 24, 2013
The SCRUM of All Fears
A discussion of the significant capital investments made by leading semiconductor manufacturers in support of the development of EUV lithography.

January 12, 2013
The Shot Noise Heard Around the World
A discussion on the engineering challenges concerning dosimetry accuracy in 193nm and EUV lithography.

January 5, 2013
IBM - High Tech R&D Power House
Article describing the research and development prowess of IBM and its contributions to the current development of carbon nanotube technology.

January 24, 2013
A New Twist on Light
Article discussing the significance of the micron scale fabrication of circularly polarized LED elements as featured in the October 2012 on line edition of Light Matters article on Optical Orbital Momentum.

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